Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CPD Thing #13

On the heels of Thing #12 comes Thing #13, Google Docs, Wikis & Dropbox.

I enjoyed using Google documents and had a lot of papers I was working on that I sent back and for to home, but as I used it I found it stripped the coding's and formatting off, I realise it isn't word and need to simplify things but when I spent an hour getting the layout right and then sent to good docs for work, when I arrived in the morning and pulled it down it was all messy again, and I didn't have time to get it right! very annoying. Up in Scotland we have a system called Glow that is an online email and forums and many other things tool, I have document space that I now use for this that keeps it as I uploaded, I went to all the trouble of matching home and work computers to stop this happening so will keep using glow for now to save things as I wanted them, also allows me to send things and keep them formatted!
I haven't used dropbox as it asked for a download and the machines at work don't allow that! that was why I liked google, I still use it but not much.
I do like the idea of a wiki and may get one running to help the QI groups I am part of to share information and keep abreast of changes. I shall blog more of this when I get time to make one (ah time that strange and missing thing, I have a host of things to do when I have time!)

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